Festivities in Tuscany

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Festivities in Tuscany

Festivities in April

25th April - In Greeve the Annual Harvest Festival
On this happy occasion there is a fancy dress street parade along with market stalls selling fresh products and, of course, wine.
Easter Sunday - Scoppio del carro – Florence
At this event, a white bull will pull a cart to the cathedral whereupon the cart will be burnt by means of a tricky mechanical procedure; a rope connecting the altar and the cart will, by using a tar device, (connected to the rope) set the cart on fire which then starts a display of fireworks.
28th AprilFeast of saints in Poggibonsi
This feast is held in honour of the town’s saint, San Lucchese. There will be an enormous display of fireworks along with lots of different market stalls.

Festivities in May

1st – 30th May - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (Florence)
– A music- and theatre festival in Florence with many shows and presentations. More details on www.maggiofiorentino.com.
Last Sunday - Cantine Aperte
On the last Sunday in May the wine producers open canteens everywhere in Tuscany and offer their delicious products.
Mid-MayBalestro del Girifalco in Massa Marittima
A medieval festival in Massa Marittima, which is held in honour of the holy Bernardino.

Festivities in June:

1st – 30th June - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (Florenz)
– Music- and theatre festival in Florence with many shows and a variety of differ-ent entertainment. More details on www.maggiofiorentino.com.
16th & 17th JuneFesta di San Ranieri in Pisa
The entire Pisa will be covered in bright lights and all the important buildings will have special light effect constructions. The coverage of the festival also contains a rowing regatta, where the rowers wear historic costumes.
23rd – 25th JuneFerie delle Messi in San Ginignano
Medieval festival with market stalls, singers and a knights tournament.
24th JuneFesta di San Giovanni in Florenz
Festival for the saints of Florence, with a spectacular football match “calcio in costume”, where the players are dressed in historic costumes.
Mid-JuneSagra della Miseria in Colle Val D’Elsa
A Sagra is a local food festival. Here, regional delicacies are on display.
Second last SundayGioco del Ponte in Pisa
A festival in Pisa showing a roundup of the historic events.
Third SaturdayGiostra del Saraceno in Arezzo
Knight tournament in Arezzo, with coloured costumes and impressive armours. Risky fun for the participants.

Festivities in July

2nd – 4th July - Palio in Siena
On the Piazza del Campo, a horserace will take place. A very entertaining event.
12th July - Festa di San Paolino in Lucca
Festival of the town’s saints in Lucca.
25th July - Bear’s festival in Pistoia
Here, the town districts compete against each other to honour the town’s saints.
17th – 22nd July - Italia Wave in Florence
An extravagant 5-day music festival in Florence.
3rd week in July Street parade in Certaldo Aldo
The festival’s name is Mercantia and takes place in the medieval town centre for one week. Dancers present their shows, stallholders offer different produce and magicians are showing their tricks.
3rd week in July Middle Age festival in Monteriggioni
Here, jugglers are showing their tricks and stallholders be offer their goods to haggle over. Medieval music is echoing through the alleys. Fans of the Middle Ages will get their money’s worth.
July and August Art- and music festival in San Gimigiano
Annual international festival in San Gimigiano.

Festivities in August

1st – 31st August Lyric and classical music in San Gimigiano
Classical concerts are held during the entire summer in San Gimigiano. The or-ganizers “Accademia dei Leggieri” have an extensive tradition.
15th August - Sagra della Bistecca in Cortona
This festival is all about the steak. A top notch barbecue festival with a market in Porto Santo Stefano.
16th August - Palio in Siena
An interesting horserace on the Piazza del Campo
1st – 31st August53rd Festival Puccini in Torre Del Lago Puccini
An opera festival to honour the popular composer Giacomo Puccini.
Second Sunday - Sagra del Tordo in Montalcino
Medieval festival with archers competing against each other and most impres-sively people waving gigantic national flags.
Second SundayBalestra del Girifalco in Massa Marittima
Mittelalterfest bei dem Bogenschützen ihr Können Messen. Ausserdem findet eine beeindruckende Vorführung von Fahnenschwenkern statt.
Last Sunday Bravio delle botti (Montepulciano)
Medieval festival in Montepulciano, where a historic battle is reconstructed.

Festivities in September

7th SeptemberFesta della Rificolona in Florence
Festival in Florence with many shows.
First SundayFiera del cacio pecorino in Pienza
Pienza is popular for its ewe’s cheese, so what could be better than a festival celebrating this spicy natural product.
First SundayGiostra del Saraceno in Arezzo
Knight’s tournament in Arezzo with coloured costumes and impressive armours. Risky fun for the participants.
Mid-SeptemberCrystal-fair in Colle Val D’Elsa
At this fair, workshops are built in the whole town and the visitors can watch the crystal production live and in colour and, of course, purchase the products.
2nd week in SeptemberChianti wine fair in Greeve
The wine growers of the region let the visitors try out their Chianti in the central piazza in Greeve.

Festivities in October

Montaione (Firenze) – Sagra delle Castagna e del Tartufo
Festival, where you can try out and possible buy the local culinary specialities. The funfair is replaced by many shows and a lot of entertainment.
2nd week in OctoberCertaldo Alto (Firenze) – Boccaccesca
Last Sunday in OctoberMontalcino (Siena) – Sagra del Tordo
The end of the hunting season is celebrated with roundabouts and organized tournaments. Venison based meals and wine will be offered and, of course, there will be dancers and singers dressed in costumes of the 19th century.
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