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Tuscany – Travel guide for your holiday in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most popular travel destinations in Italy. Some get attracted from the scenic landscape and spend their days in the countryside to enjoy Italian wines and delicious food; others are fascinated from the culture quotation of the cities Florence and Pisa.

Tuscany landscape
Streets of Arezzo

Impressions of Tuscany, rural idyll and charming towns. (Pictures from photocase.com)

With this Tuscany travel guide we want to show you Tuscany as a travel destination and would like to give you some tips for your holidays. Further we will present some holiday homes in Tuscany and if you have a vacation home yourself, you can register it on our homepage for free. Just send us an email with a text about your house, its environment and all the other important information.

Our Tuscany topics:

General information about Tuscany::

In the category „Tuscany in general“ you will find information about the Geography of Tuscany with descriptions of important regions or about prime economic sectors in Tuscany and the administration organization. Further we offer a little overview of national parks in Tuscany and last but not least we provide a festival calendar, so you can experience the great festivals n Tuscany in your vacation. To the section „Tuscany in general“

Holiday homes in Tuscany:

Are you searching for a convenient accommodation for your Tuscany vacation? Then it would be the best if you look at our little assortment of holiday homes in Tuscany. In this category we will give landlords the opportunity to show their vacation homes. On the small map on the left side you can take a view on the vacation homes and if you have a secret tip for us, for example a nice vacation cottage or a charming hotel, than send us a little description of it. At the moment we have this vacation homes on our website: vacation home Mandorio, holiday apartment Villa Bruchi and a charming holiday flat in a water mill near Vinci. To the category „vacation homes in Tuscany“

Mill at night
Tuscany Bedroom

Here is a picture of the vacation home in a water mill near Vinci. You can find further holiday homes in the category „vacation homes“ or if you click on the houses on the little map of Tuscany

Festivals and events in Tuscany

In our festival calendar you will find a range of festivals and events in Tuscany and we will introduce especially the Palio in Siena, which is a horse race throughout the town, one of the popular festival in Tuscany. Furthermore we will give you a short introduction to the category festivals and events. Here you can get to the category "Festivals and events in Tuscany"

Highlights of Tuscany:

Tuscany offers a wide range of ">attractions, like the gentle curved landscapes or towns with their art treasures. These highlights attract thousands of tourists every year. In the category highlights of Tuscany.

Tuscan Food - Eating and drinking in Tuscany:

Everyone knows that in Tuscany you can drink good wines but what is there else for your culinary welfare? In this section we write about eating in Tuscany and about the production of olive oil, the wines of Tuscany and we will present some recipes. To the category "Eating and drinking in Tuscany"

The History of Tuscany:

In the area of Tuscany occurred the first advanced civilisation in Italy: The empire of the Etruscans. In this category we will introduce you to the history of Tuscany, about the Etruscans and the Romans or the time of the Medici. To the category „History of Tuscany“

Arts and culture in Tuscany:

Tuscany is very opulent on art treasures and masterpieces of architecture. Just in Florence you will find more masterpieces than you will find in an entire country. And there are stunning legendary pieces of art like the famous David from Michelangelo. In this section you will find a list of museums in Tuscany, a short story about the architecture of Tuscany, an overview about famous persons that come from Tuscany and a text about the famous composer of operas Puccini. To the category "Arts and culture in Tuscany"

The cities of Tuscany:

In this category we want to show you some of the finest cities in Tuscany. We will give you information about the history of the cities and the sights. Legendary towns like Florence, Siena, Pisa or Lucca are fascinating for everybody. We provide information about the following towns: Abbadia San Salvatore, Anghiari, D'Arezzo, Castiglione della Pescaia, Corona, Follonica, Grosseto, Livorno, Massa and Carrara as well as Prato and Pistoia. To the category "Cities of Tuscany"

Cathedral of Florence
Leaning Tower of Pisa

In the towns of Tuscany you can find an immense amount of architectural masterpieces like the cathedral of Florence or „Torre del Mangia“ in Siena and the Leaning tower of Pisa. (Pictures from photocase.com)

Weather in Tuscany:

Which time is the best for travelling to Tuscany, which region is the best in which season, how is the climate on the sea level and how will it change in the interior of the country? Here you will find information about the weather in Tuscany. To the category „Weather in Tuscany“

Holiday activities in Tuscany:

If you want to have a vacation full of activities, instead of only sitting in restaurants with a glass of wine in your hand, than you will find here some information about cycling in Tuscany or golf courses. You will find out in which region you should go for horse riding and which thermal baths are worth a visit. Furthermore we provide some information about hiking and trekking in Tuscany. To the category „Activity holiday in Tuscany“

Tuscany – a short introduction

Tuscany is probably the most popular region of Italy, but this wasn't always this way. Goethe escaped from Tuscany during his first Italy journey. He described Tuscany as a boring district and went to famous regions of Italy (to Sicily for example). Nowadays Tuscany is hugely popular, but not without reasons. People who are interested in art will find in the cities of Tuscany an amount of masterpieces beyond imagination, incomparable with other areas of the world. Florence is the biggest source on cultural pleasures, but Pisa, Lucca and Siena offer other possibilities too.

The museums of Tuscany not only show things from the renaissance but also have findings from the Etruscan time and pieces from the Roman Empire. But the legacy of the renaissance is most impressive. If you hear the names of artists that lived and worked in Tuscany than you have to be impressed: Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Botticelli, Michelangelo and Machiavelli

But culture is just one side of Tuscany. Eating and drinking are equally important and Chianti, which is produced, in the Chianti valley is the most legendary wine from Tuscany. So most visitors are already happy jus tasting a nice glass of red wine, with a piece of bread, with native olive oil and a little piece of cheese.

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